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Orem, UT (PressRelease) August 24, 2009 -- One of the first reactions Wedding Rings Forever receives when one comes to try on tungsten wedding bands is, "Wow, that's heavy!"
Most people like the heavy, luxurious feel of tungsten. However, others are looking for something lightweight that is hardly noticeable when being worn. For this reason, people have turned to titanium, the lighter brother of tungsten. The only disadvantage is seen after a year or so when the ring begins to scratch and lose its finish.
Now one can find the best of both worlds with the release of new lightweight tungsten rings. Because many people have expressed they feel the main drawback to tungsten is the heavy weight, we have implemented the following formula to balance the weight of the ring with all the other qualities of tungsten people love: scratch resistance, permanent polish and general hardness.

W (Tungsten): 42-48%
Ti (Titanium): 32-44%
Ni (Nickel): 16-18%
Nb (Niobium): 1%
Ta (Tantalum): .5-.7%
Cr (Chromium): 1-2.5%

A traditional heavy tungsten ring would simply swap out any Titanium with Tungsten making it slightly stronger, but losing Titanium's lightweight qualities. Another item of paramount importance is the binder, in this case nickel. Those who use cobalt as a binder will save a few bucks, but end up with a low quality product.
Wedding Rings Forever CEO and founder, Wade Peterson, said, "A slow economy means people are already looking for low cost alternatives to gold and platinum. We want to always be creating products that meet their needs at an affordable price. We plan to keep the majority of our tungsten carbide rings under 120 dollars. This new lightweight formula means people previously opposed the cumbersome feel a heavy ring can now have the toughness of tungsten carbide and the weight of titanium."
When asked about how these new tungsten rings would match up with their warranty, Peterson said, "ALL our tungsten wedding bands, lightweight or normal, are still covered under our lifetime quality and sizing warranties. Service and satisfied customers are our first concern."