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Wedding Rings Forever has been a family owned and operated business since they opened their doors in 2005. When they first decided to build a company that would offer wedding bands, they knew they wanted to found Wedding Rings Forever upon service, quality, and dependability. They also knew we would have to limit their inventory to only the best quality and best priced products. You need your ring shipped right the first time.

Months and thousands of dollars were spent researching how the dream would become a reality. Though many people tried to coax them into developing a cheap product with more margins, they wanted your wedding band to endure forever.

Lots of valuable information can be found at our blog; Wedding Rings Info.

We ship our rings every day except for Sundays. The specific time frame for shipping can be seen on the product information page for each specific item. Many tungsten wedding bands ship within 24 hours.

The Wedding Rings Forever warehouse is set up 30 minutes south of Salt Lake City in Utah. We always strive to offer the best personal service available as you decide what ring is best for you. Please email us at or alternatively you can call or text 801.735.1080

Titanium alloys will not cause allergic reactions.  However, other metals, such as Tungsten, Tungsten alloys, and some of the metals we offer for inlays may contain trace amounts of nickel, which can cause allergic reactions to a very small percentage of people.  Specifically, if you have a reaction to gold you may have a similar reaction to Tungsten.  Therefore we cannot provide refunds, or accept returns, on any rings believed to have caused any physical or allergic reactions.  This pertains to any ring sold by Wedding Rings Forever.  Again, any metal allergy is very rare.  Most people with metal allergies are already aware of them, and should consider Titanium and Platinum as worry-free alternatives.  

However, for liability reasons, it is important to reiterate, that in the extreme unlikelihood that you may have a real or perceived allergy to any metal or metal alloy used in the creation of our rings, Wedding Rings Forever shall not be liable for damages.  These damages include, but are not limited to, any allergies or other physical reactions resulting from, or seeming to result from, the use of any Wedding Rings Forever product.

At Wedding Rings Forever we have an excellent customer service policy, and if you are one of the very rare people who have a reaction to Tungsten, we will encourage you to purchase a ring design in one of our hypoallergenic Titanium or Platinum designs. Again, your satisfaction is our highest priority.